Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sunbox Light Therapy

Beat low moods due to dull weather and sunless days, otherwise known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder". This disorder is more common in the winter but can occur year round.

Pamper You is pleased to announce the trail of a new service called the Sunbox. It is a special light unit which has the frequencies that occur in natural day light which can help stimulate melatonin production, and alleviate these lower moods, just by sitting next to the Sunbox for 30 minutes to an hour a few times a week could make a difference to your mood.

The Sunbox has the UVA and UVB rays filtered out for skin and eye safety and a dffuser covering the bulbs.

The Sunbox is suitable for all ages and genders

It works through the stimulating effect which full spectrum light has on the pineal gland stimulating the production of melatonin emulating or mimicking the effects of full sunlight.

Lesley Kenton (international writer on health issues) says that these Sunboxes can be useful in helping women suffering from PMS-pre menstral stress and hormonal health after menopause.

The Sunbox is recommended by Dr Antonio Fernando Senior lecturer at the Department of Psychological Medicine, Faculty of medical and Health Services Auckland.

For further reading about SAD try "winter Blues" by Norman E Rosenthal MD and information at

Pamper You is offering a FREE 1hour session with the Sunbox for the first 5 customers that book in for a treatment such a manicure, pedicure or facial.

Pamper You is really excited to offer this new service and we look forward to receiving feed back on the trial sessions.

We would like to think that the time you spend beside the Sunbox is "time out" for you to relax while you soak up the light, and have a beauty treatment at the same time, or just make yourself comfortable with a cuppa and a magazine, or even bring your knitting!

Call Margie on 027 357 7646 or 03 960 5742 if you are interested in helping us to trial this service or to make an appointment.