More about Pedicures at Pamper You

What is involved in a Pedicure?...

A pedicure more than just cutting your toenails!

A pedicure is one of the most effective and affordable treatments that you can have at Pamper You. It makes such a huge difference to your feet and how they feel, so much so that they will thank you taking the time out to pamper them and you will wonder why you hadn't indulged them before!

The whole process of sitting down and resting your feet, and having them worked on is very relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating and you will benefit from this time out from your busy day with a cuppa.

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I will take you through the procedure that I do at Pamper You so that you will know what is involved and the benefits.

The pedicure starts with a wonderful foot soak in filtered chlorine free water with essential oil of lavender and Epsom salts. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is very good at relaxing the muscles and softening the water.

Then we wash the feet with a scrub and work on one foot at a time leaving the other to soak.

I take off old nail polish if needs be, then cut or trim the nails, file and work on cuticles. Followed by rubbing away rough dead skin on the heals repeating this procedure with the other foot.

The foot massage is next, which is very therapeutic and soothing, helping keep them flexible, getting the circulation going and moisturising them with the massage wax.

I then apply a foot cream and nail polish if you wish.

I have many colours of polish to choose from including colours in the Creative Nails Vinylux weekly polish range, and new Nourishing Vegan colours from SPARITUAL which help to moisturise and revitalise the nails. These are a good alternative for when you get yellowing and dehydrated nails. This can happen with continuous use of nail polish. The vegan nail polish helps to prevent ongoing discolouration. These polishes contain much less in the way of chemicals, so as a result are much more healthy alternative than ordinary polishes.

You will leave with feet that feel relaxed, soft and look beautiful!