Waxing at Pamper You

Why do we wax?

The never ending search for silky smooth hair free skin which is a must for many men and women means waxing continues to be a popular method of hair removal. This is despite other methods like laser and electrolysis both of which have their place in many Beauty Therapy clinics.

Wax comes in two main forms. Both of which are hot, and therefore there may be some confusion! but basically this is the difference.

One is "hot wax" which is applied to the skin and when set it is pulled off. This type of wax is mainly used for eyebrows, facial, underarms, bikini and Brazilian waxing and the other type of wax is "strip wax" which is applied from a cartridge or spatula and then a strip of either calico fabric or gauze is put over the wax and then removed taking the hairs with it. This type of waxing is great for larger areas like legs, arms, backs and chests.

The benefits of Waxing

Just getting rid of those pesky hairs is enough for many women to come along for regular waxing.

Upper lip and chin waxes are very popular to keep skin smooth giving confidence in ones appearance knowing you are looking your best.

For most people over the months and years regrowth is softer and tapered, so worth the investment.

You will also feel more confident having tidy waxed brows, which have a big impact, framing your face and thus enhancing your eyes.

Will it hurt?

Well, basically it does hurt, but only a little!

Some women find that it can be more painful at different times of the month and some men do find waxing quite painful but there again it does differ from person to person. If you think of it like having a sticking plaster removed it is much the same.

Some clients find that taking pain medication before their appointments can help.

Longer body hair can be more painful too.

How often do I need to have waxing?

Most clients come every 4-5 weeks to ensure that regrowth is not too long, which as mentioned above can be more painful, but trying to wax hair that is too short is often not very successful. So ideally hair need to be about one centimetre.

So if you have never had waxing and you are wondering if it's for you, or if you have any queries give me-

Margie a call on 03 960 5742 or 027 357 7646 or go to the contact us page to leave a message and we can discuss what would be best for you.

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