More about Manicures at Pamper You

What's so special about a manicure?

A Manicure is a chance to just stop and take time out of your busy day and relax with a cuppa while I take care of your hands and nails.

The word manicure means care of the hands, and thus the purpose of this treatment is to improve the appearance of the hands and nails.

At Pamper You clients can either have a Regular or Deluxe Manicure.

Both treatments include a trim, file and shape, a soak in chlorine free filtered water, cuticle work and a relaxing hand and forearm massage and application of hand cream.

The difference is that the Deluxe Manicure includes the additional application of nail polish.

If you choose to have polish, I can highly recommend the Vinylux range of polishes, they are described as "Polishes that defy time" These polishes are quick drying and long lasting (about a week) this is such a bonus!

In addition to the Vinylux range I now have a Sparitual Vegan colour range. These polishes contain much less in the way of nasty chemicals. They help if you have discoloured or weak nails, by nourishing the nails, promoting strong healty nail growth.

I also have a number of Sparitual Gold Range polishes which is a flexible polish, meaning it doesn't crack or chip so much. This gives double the wear of other normal polishes.

I do however have regular polish, should you prefer that.

I used to also have gel polish, but I have decided not to continue with gel as although it looks great it's not that good for your nails. This type of polish can interfere with the quality of your nails and weaken them.

Many people find that this is the case although gel polish can be fantastic for a one off event or occasional use.

Care of our hands

Whether you choose to have polish or not it is really important to protect your hands from the ravages of everyday life.

I am really keen on the daily use of a really nourishing hand cream, especially applied last thing at night.

Also, do get in the habit of wearing gloves when ever you need to have your hands in water and when doing the gardening.

This sounds really obvious, but it can make a huge difference.


Another really useful tip is to regularly apply an SPF sun protective cream/lotion to the back of your hands before going outside.

The skin on the back of your hands can be a real giveaway to the amount of UV you have been exposed to and can be very aging. I would suggest at lease an SPF 30 product.

I also really like the look of neatly cared for cuticles (skin around the base of the nails that can also grow up the nail) Some people need regular application of cuticle remover and a gentle pushing down of the cuticle off the nail and then trimmed, just because for them it grows quickly and looks unsightly.

If you have really dry skin you could consider taking flax or fish oil supplements. I take flax oil and find it really helps with the overall dryness of my skin. Both flax and fish oil contain omega 3 oil which is vital for all our cells to function correctly.

In addition a supplement especially formulated for our hair, skin and nails containing horsetail and silica can be revitalising and conditioning.

Thin and brittle nails are also a problem for many people, again diet and supplements can help. Some medications can make your nails weak and if you have been unwell the condition of your nails may suffer too.

Just be aware of the damage that Acrylic, Gel and/or other nail treatments may have on your nails too. Due to the filing of the nails before the application of the artificial nail the natural nail can become very weak and soft when the artificial nails are removed. Also moisture can get under the artificial nail and encourage fungal infections in your natural nail. These infections do need treating as they can spread and become unsightly and very annoying.

Don't get me wrong, Acrylics and Gel nails can look fantastic especially for a special occasion but you do have to be aware of their drawbacks especially for long term use.

Just little things can make a positive contribution to how you feel about yourself with out spending a fortune which is what it's all about!

So contact us or phone Margie on 03 960 5742 or 027 357 7646 to discuss what is best for you.