Men at Pamper You

Men can be Pampered too!

Beauty Therapy has traditionally been the domain of the ladies, but not any more, these days more and more men are enjoying the benefits of looking and feeling their best with treatments.

Pamper You offers waxing- legs, chests, shoulders (sorry no Brazilian waxing). See Prices at Pamper You Services page

Other treatments which have a very beneficial effect are eyebrow shaping, and nose and ear hair removal. Just basic grooming can make you look like you care and really tidy up your face and appearance.

First impressions really count in all areas of life, and if you look well groomed your appearance won't go unnoticed.

Other treatments that have a good effect and feel great are aManicure where your nails are cut and filed and your cuticles are trimmed/pushed back and your hands are massaged finishing off with hand cream to soften your tired rough skin.

If you are a guy that stands all day and does not give his feet a second thought, well think again asa Pedicure could be just the treatment your feet are needing.

A relaxing soak in a bowl of hot water with epsom salts and lavender oil, then a scrub and nail cut and file, followed by cuticle treatment, rough heel skin removed and then a massage and foot balm applied.

Don't feel embarrassed! your feet will thank you for it and you will wonder why you left it so long.

Perhaps you are going on holiday, getting married, going to a dance and don't want to look pale and lilly white? Well how about a Spray Tan. Pamper You uses and promotes "Vibe Evolution" by Black Magic, see our More about Spray Tans page for more information.

So go on Guys, be adventurous and invest in your appearance, your body will love you for it and so will your lady!