More about Facials

Facials with Trilogy skin care products at Pamper You Salon

A facial is a wonderfully relaxing and soothing treatment for the face and upper chest (décolletage) area and may include a host of additional treatments and products depending on the needs of the client over and above the classic procedure which I describe here.

Pamper You uses the luxurious Trilogy skin care products for facials as they are full of natural goodness and made in New Zealand !


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The cream cleanser gently cleans away impurities and make up very effectively with the added goodness of evening primrose oil, almond oil, jojoba and carrot oils to sooth and gently nourish.

The hydrating mist toner (my all time favourite toner) is gently but wonderfully scented with rose, geranium and lavender essential oils. This toner is a must for a really hot summer day (or hot flush), just close your eyes and spray over your face for instant cooling, refreshed and revitalised skin.

The next product in the facial is the gentle facial exfoliant which gently remover the dead skin cells on the surface of your face with active honey enzymes, camellia oil and jojoba micro-spheres resulting in soft, clearer skin.

The facial massage is next with Trilogy pure plant Body oil which is a mix of sweet almond,apricot and rosehip oils.

This is the time in the facial that you can zone out and even fall asleep.

The massage is gentle, but profoundly relaxing, the aim is to nourishes the skin, improve the texture and muscle tone, encourage cellular regeneration and improve lymphatic drainage.

Followed by

The Trilogy purifying mask with witch hazel, rose geranium, organic rosehip oil and kaolin clay to draw out impurities leaving your skin smooth and clear.

While the mask is on you can have a relaxing arm and hand massage.

I finally apply a few drops of certified organic rosehip oil to around the eyes and the Vital moisturising cream, to the face.

A brow shape (wax and tweeze) is included in the facial if required.

You may want to have a facial for a special occasion or work it in to your monthly schedule. What ever you decide your face will thank you for it and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated!